Learn a New Skill or Re-Learn What you Think you Know

Curiosity should be a part of your athlete toolbox. With curiosity comes the capacity to learn new things or do old things better. With learning comes growth and a long, prosperous training life. It's the 60 year challenge.

An 8-Week Longevity-Based Program for Masters Weightlifters

Weightlifting is a bit like throwing up a couple of hundred pounds of metal into the air and then having to catch it in a perfectly balanced yoga pose. Your body will have some questions for you, trust us.

Try Finding Strength and Fitness in Everyday Life

Being healthy takes some guts. Not only do you have to exert yourself a little more, but you have to fight the social tide propelling you away from what is best for you.

There’s More To Lifting Weights Than Lifting Weights

If you can squat that “unattainable” weight you can do the “unthinkable” in your daily life too.

Behind the Scenes of Your Running Program

Runners who start lifting weights with purpose and intensity get faster, last longer, and suffer fewer injuries.

Making Time to Switch Off

It never gets old, moderation is better than compulsion, obsession, and over-indulgence. It's the healthier way. So, why should your phone and social media be treated any different?

Is Gaining Strength the Most Important Work You Can Do as You Age?

You shouldn't have to be reminded that strength training can help combat many of the physical problems associated with aging.

Create Your Own New Beginning

You ever thought about writing your own obituary? It'd be pretty telling. How you feel about yourself and what you have done so far in life. It may also be the kick in the pants you need to make a change.

Plan "B" - Short Workouts That Will Save Your Day

It's not the time you got, it's the time you use. We saw that on a tee shirt we made up in our heads. But so true.

A Simple Anywhere Anytime HIIT Workout

All you need to do this workout is some dumbbells and you, the best piece of gym equipment ever created.

Three Major Muscles to Always Keep Loose

Giving these muscles some downtime will support your entire nervous system, including your brain while decreasing the overall stress levels in your body.

Earn the Weekend with a Gut Check

Your mental form goes about 100% of the way towards determining your motivation and execution and effort. Earn the weekend is a pretty good mental cue.

Which Deadlift is Right for Your Body Type?

No exercise is quite as feared, or revered, as the deadlift. To be clear, there is absolutely nothing unsafe about a correctly performed deadlift. It's just that not all deadlifts are created equal so, pick the right one for you.

A 12 Week Workout Routine for Older Athletes

Simplicity. Maintenance. Longevity. Strength. Flexibility. Your list never ends as long as you're still living, really living. And your workouts never stop.

Common Elbow Injuries and What to Do About Them

Our joints get most of the injury headlines. Elbow aren't always front page news but they sure hurt just as bad when they want to make a point.

The Benefits and Risks of Intermittent Fasting

Aligning your eating with the natural, circadian rhythms of your human body seems to make sense. Separate the myths from the fads from what would actually work for you, and only you.

Is Personal Training Too Personal?

Hiring a trainer might help you get faster or stronger, but likely won't magically melt inches off your waistline, cure your issues with food cravings, or help save your marriage for that matter. When it comes to the "personal" part of your goals and desires, ultimately, you are your own best personal trainer.

Abstaining From Moderation

Most of our failures in sticking with a plan is not being able to live with one. Deprivation sounds great but it is unsustainable. If you're not into passionately engaged in your health it's probably not healthy for you.

Learning and Training the Proper Technique for the Barbell Snatch

A skilled weightlifter can generate 2,500 to 5,500 watts of power doing a snatch. That's why it's also a favorite exercise for anyone wanting to develop power in sports other than weightlifting.

Respect Your Body's Signs: Lifting Heavy and Listening Closely

Despite what the internet tells you, you can't do it all. You've got to listen to it because, yes, it talks to you, begs with you, pleads with you, and even knocks you around to teach you a lesson when you don't.

Cossack Squat Your Way to Strength

If your body is an instrument then help it to make beautiful music. Master its mechanics and move with grace and strength, ultimately, creating power that can be applied from all angles under stress from all directions.

Self-Coach With Confidence

It's hard work to figure out what is holding you back and correcting your own issues, but the learning experience and the results are well worth the extra effort because of what you learn about yourself.

The Keto Diet: Carnitas with Cheese Crisp Taco Shells

Got a great little keto recipe ebook for you here. Totally free. Real food seems to work best for real people so make the effort to put the effort into your kitchen workouts. Cooking is really a therapy. Try it sometime.

The Auto-Regulated Plan for Lifetime Fitness

We need less “do you even lift bro,” and more dabble, play, and perform. You don't want to be dreading the buzzer going off for the end of the game. This is your life, have some fun taking it seriously.

Eat Big to Get Big?

In geezer days, giant steaks were all you needed to put on the muscular pounds. Now we have more science-y stuff which isn't any easier on the wallet but seems a lot more helpful.

I Am No Superhero

We celebrate our achievements big on social media. But, for our species, our lifts, our runs, our contortions, things that we can do because we are healthy and fit, should be the norm and not the pinnacle of achievement.

This Is Supposed to Be Hard

It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. - Jimmy Dugan

If you’re ever in Newbury Park, California, pay a visit to The Training Hall and meet legendary Strongman and founder, Odd Haugen. And, if you’re really luck, you’ll see Martins Licis, a young athlete who will, no doubt, be the strongest man in the world some day soon

Martins is competing in the Strongest Man in the World qualifiers in the Philippines right now
• • •
@martinslicis is unbelievable - taking first in the deadlift!

#deadlift #strongestmancompetition #strongmantraining #strongwoman #strongman #repost @thetraininghall

When Healthy Habit Becomes Passionless Routine

Start your week by refreshing your routines so that you can get that fire in the belly feeling that goes such a long way towards energizing your workouts.

Fight Strength NSFW: Treating Athletes with Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

It's worth taking a look at the process of PRP, the reasons why results vary, and how MMA athletes are using it for recovery.

5 Reasons to Work Out that Have Nothing to Do With a Bikini Body

Harder, stronger, better, faster. They're not even all on the list. People are getting woke to the tyranny of the superficial, the negativity of focusing on stuff that, ultimately, doesn't make you better.

Streamline Your Swimming for Greater Efficiency

Swimming is one of the great total body workouts at any age, if not the most challenging when done right. It's not easy to master and yes, it requires strength and flexibility. You can't just breaststroke your way through it.

Your Warm Up: Why Bother?

When your warm-up is complete there's a lot less resistance between what the body wants to do and what the mind is ready to face.

The Postpartum Fitness Trap Strikes Again

Pressure on women to exercise immediately after they've given birth is probably the best example of the malignancy of the "look good naked" approach to fitness motivation. Each person's journey is unique. Screw the perfect Instagram shot.

How to Conduct Your Own Diet Experiments Like a Scientist

Low-carb or low-fat? No fruits or no meat? Only meat or only fruits? Are you genetically predisposed towards obesity or miraculously endowed with a clockwork metabolism? Guess what? Only you can know for sure.

Get Behind Your Glutes with These 3 Exercises

You sit on them all the time which is probably not much of a life for you glutes considering how much they contribute to your strength and movement. Show them some respect and give them some love in your workouts.

The Keto Diet: Basted Egg with Lemon Ricotta

Yes, we're hungry. And we like food and we can take a little time to prepare and make something good so that 50% of our training isn't just shoving stuff down our throats that was made by someone else.

How Much Does Happiness Weigh?

Whether the emphasis is on pounds lost, muscle gained, or some combination of the two, everyone is approaching fitness from the “look better naked” point of view. Is there any other way?

Fight Strength NSFW: Functional Range Release and Conditioning Mobility Systems

Andreo Spina's functional movement training systems have a lot of fans and have gained followers in the pro sports world. We get to dig into them a little more here and learn how they were developed.

What Weightlifters Should Know About Body Fat

You know there are some people who say weightlifting is a sport for fat people. Well, let's get all science-y and put down the haters and pick up some big weights before we turn into bi-polar Instagram obsessives.

Quick Tips: CrossFit Qualifiers for Masters and Teens

You have until Monday to get the 4 workouts done so, get going you Masters and Teens. Apparently, there's a lot of you competing this weekend. Take the advice here and good luck!

Don't Sweat the Demon Scale

How do we manage anxiety, ambivalence, and stress? How do we prioritize wants and needs? How do we take care of ourselves- physically, mentally, and emotionally? Enjoy the read!

How to Age Gracefully

Aging is just changing. Change for the better or change for the worse? Judging by the 40, 50, 60 and plus people who are in the gym these days it can be the best of times.

Parents: Get Out of the Way and Let the Coaches Coach

No one gets into coaching for the money. True story. They do it because they like what they do and who they are doing it for so, cut them some slack and keep a check on your pro dreams for your spawn.

How to Self-Assess Your Movement Pathologies

You exist on a continuum of emotional states, physiological states, and biomechanical states. Posture is simply a reflection of that continuum. Finding the middle of that spectrum can help in so many physical activities.

Run Your Own Diet Experiment Like a Scientist

You're a complex physiological phenomenon. Lots of stuff going on inside you that is unique to you, and only you. So, be your own lab because you're your own best hope for objectivity.

Effective Training: Make Every Rep Count

Sacrifice the rush and focus on the effort and form. Consistently making good reps is the smart way to work towards your desired results.

A Free Keto Diet Recipe Book: Lox Stuffed Avocados and More

We're great believers in food. The kind you make yourself because that's the only guarantee of integrity you'll ever have. So, if you're going keto, which is a thing, then you'll love these tried and tested recipes as part of your plan.

Re-Thinking Orthodox Set and Rep Structures to Optimise Hypertrophy

"It ain't the years, honey, it's the mileage." Indy didn't lift but, if he did, he would probably say, it's not the sets, bro, it's the volume.